CRM - Managing Relationships

Your business deals with lots of companies and individuals, who are as important in their own way as your customers. Customers give you business, but you need suppliers to service them and you need prospects to keep your business growing. My.N gives you a single point from which you can manage all of these relationships.

Integrated across your whole business
My.N’s CRM system provides a single database of customers, suppliers and prospects. Saved within each contact is not only history of their previous transactions, but also every communication sent from, or received into the business. Every piece of marketing literature, email and letter is automatically saved within a contact profile.

Events and Tasks
The CRM system is based on Events and Tasks. Events are simply things that happen and Tasks are things you have to do.

All communications into and out of the business are logged, providing complete visibility of activities across all departments.

For example, a customer’s email requesting a quotation starts a series of events and tasks which will be allocated to the relevant member of staff. Each task remains visible until it is actioned and a further event or task assigned.

This stringing together of Events and Tasks ensures that it is impossible for important activities to be forgotten or missed.

Documents and data, all in one place
My.N provides a single system for everybody and having all of your documents and data in one place brings advantages for every department.

Sales have a complete, rounded view of the relationship with the client. All previous communication and correspondence is available for review. This provides fantastic opportunities for up-selling and cross-selling. Staff traditionally resistant to the introduction of new systems will ‘buy-in’ quickly when they see the benefits of using Events and Tasks to effectively manage the sales process for them.

Marketing can build targeted lists based on real-time information, including quotes and sales. The resulting lists can be merged with Microsoft Word, Outlook or distributed directly through My.N’s own email client.

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