My.N from Accounting Office Software Limited is an integrated business management system designed to help organizations with turnovers of £1m and above.

Based on a real-time processing model, My.N gives you detailed accurate information with fast and reliable processing. This allows you to manage the whole business and accounting process with far greater efficiency than ever before.

Building Blocks for Business
My.N’s architecture consists of a large set of separate 'building blocks' that can be assembled or broken up as needed to provide the exact suite of features required by you and your users.

Integration with Microsoft Office
My.N links directly with Outlook for sending and receiving emails, with Word for creating documents and with Excel for exporting data.

My.N Financials
As a fully integrated business package, My.N has a complete suite of multi-currency financials at its heart.

Its nominal structure provides you with unparalleled flexibility and the systems reporting capability will mean you can maintain control on a day to day basis.

My.N Commercials
The tight integration of Sales, Purchasing and Stock Control ensures your processing systems are up to the demands of your business. The system holds detailed information on a number of different levels which allows you to generate extensive reports on the stock you have sold, the stock you are holding and the stock you need to buy.

Reporting and Browsing
With Microsoft SQL Server as the underlying database, you have a system that will give you unparalleled reliability and performance along with the tools to scrutinize large volumes of data.

Browsing Data
My.N’s in-built reporting system - OpenDoor - allows you to modify and build your own reports and browse screens. This means you can display the data you need as and when you need it.

My.N Web
An in-built ecommerce solution, which links your customer facing web shop with your order processing, invoicing and accounting back end.

My.N Hosted
A single ecommerce and business management system which is delivered as a fully hosted solution.

My.N BoM and Works Orders
The integrated works order system gives you flexible manufacturing with actual costs and full traceability through all levels of manufacture.

My.N Job and Project Costing
Completely integrated with sales, purchasing, stock and nominal ledgers, the Job Costing module gives you visibility and control of individual jobs so you can manage each for maximum profitability.

My.N Epos
My.N’s Epos system is an extension to the main commercial system. It links your till points directly with your stock, purchasing, sales ledger and accounting.

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