If you need actual costings and traceability through all levels of manufacture, and real time accounting, My.N's integrated works order system will do the job for you.

It helps you to manage the simple kitting of products to order, batch manufacture on a large scale and control the assembly of complex products over long periods of time. My.N’s Works Order Processing (WOP) will give you the control, flexibility and traceability you need to get the job done, on-time and within budget.

Summary of Features

• Fully integrated Bill of Materials (BoM) 
• Works Order processing
• Real time stock allocations and movements
• Unlimited components
• Unlimited levels of BoM
• Cascading Works Orders

  Generate a Works Order from:-
 º  Finished stock requirement
 º  Raw material quantity to be processed
 º  Back-to-back from a sales order

•  Break stock into components
•  Full batch and serial number traceability through
• Actual Cost maintained for manufactured
• Automatic WIP accruals during manufacture

• Production and labour cost allocation; direct or
 from timesheets
• Generate Purchase Orders direct from Works
• Work Stages linking to the Task Manger for
   resource scheduling

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