Industry Solutions

In today's business environment, your organization has to become far more adaptable; capable of responding quickly to the changing demands of your customers and their methods of operation.

One of the ways you will achieve this is through the use of adaptive software and My.N delivers a wide range of functionality which you can use to make your business fitter and leaner for today’s marketplace.

Drinks Importers
A complete system for managing every aspect of the drinks importation and distribution industry.

Fruit and Veg
Suitable for many industries. Supports the sale of items by catch weight, cases, split cases and singles.

Supporting the management and billing of hire stock.

QA Systems
Full QA system for food manufacturing including test and certificates of conformance.

Importers can manage shipments and costs to give better control and accurate landed costs.

Rolls, lengths and colour batches
Developed initially for the carpet industry, this feature tracks stock by rolls, lengths and colour batches.

Stock Pre-Allocation
Allows stock to be pre-allocated to a customer at point of order. Ideal for batch control, serial number allocation and ensuring that the right customer gets the stock that they need.

Third Party Billing
Allows an item which is being paid for on finance to be invoiced to one company, and delivered to another.

Job Control
Allows you to cost jobs and then make sure you have everything available before you go out on site.

Consolidated Despatch
Despatching multiple sales orders for a single customer on one invoice.

Cascading Discounts
For industries, such as fastenings, My.N provides full support for multiple, tiered discounts; where a discounted price is itself, discounted.


Management of third party stock
Allows you to control the distribution of stock that you have sold which remains in your warehouse.

Remote Site Replenishment
Allows you to control how stock in remotes sites is replenished; either from the central warehouse or direct from your suppliers.

Sales Contracts
Tracks contracts for fixed quantities of stock, sold at a specific price.

Block Batches
Where large number of items are received with consecutive serial numbers.

Linking with other systems
My.N open architecture makes it an ideal product for linking with other platforms.

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