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Accounting Office Release Ecommerce Solution with Integrated Accounts.

Swansea, June 4th 2007

South Wales based Accounting Office Software Ltd today announces the release of My.N WebShop, an integrated ecommerce solution with a range of options for new and established companies.
Although the product has arrived relatively late into a congested market place, Accounting Office believe that allowing users can run their whole business from a single database will prove very attractive.
Commenting on the release, Jonathan Harris, Sales Director of Accounting Office is keen to differentiate themselves from other web shop products. “This product is more than just a web shop. It’s a business solution, streamlining the whole process of taking and shipping web orders. Orders placed on the web shop drop directly into the system and immediately made available for processing. Once an order has shipped, the back-office accounting engine manages all of the accounts processing completing the whole processing cycle.”
The single database approach from Accounting Office brings benefits which Harris explains. “Running separate data bases for your web shop and invoicing system means every order, price change and update becomes a paper chase. The data comes from upstairs. It’s picked up and put in the system downstairs. It is then packaged and put over  to the other system. Finally, the package goes to invoicing and it seems like a football team has been involved. Time has been eaten up and even worse, the transfer of data from one system to another makes things very difficult and prone to mistake.”
My.N Web Shop is a key step in the development of Accounting Office’s Net Business Framework. This is a strategy which focuses on developing core technologies which link together to form a structure supporting the processes within a business. It insulates the user from technical issues and allows them to simply benefit from what the technology delivers.
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Background for Editors
Accounting Office Software Limited is a south Wales based software development house specialising in developing integrated financial and business management packages. My.N is the third generation of Accounting Office’s products.
The original application was developed by Ian Richards in 1992. It was called OPAC2 after its dual design goals of providing Order Processing and ACcounts and OPen Access. It was based on an Oracle database and the interface was written using Microsoft’s new development tool, Visual Basic
The organisation was a very early adopter of Object Oriented design in 1995 when the product was completely upgraded and this eased the path for the development of Accounting Office in 1999.
Accounting Office was one of the first accounting packages to be developed to incorporate Microsoft VBA, Microsoft’s integration tool designed to allow easy customisation and integration  between other VBA enabled packaged such as Word, Excel and Outlook.
My.N is a full multicurrency business system and comprises a complete suite of standard accounting and business functions including nominal, purchase and sales ledgers, stock control, sales and purchase order processing, total Euro functionality and a quotations facility.  Unlike the other applications in its class, My.N gives the user control of its user interface allowing them to affect changes to the system at runtime.
Development of My.N was undertaken solely in the company’s Neath office. Un-like many similar companies, they rejected the option of having the product developed abroad preferring to manage the whole process in-house
For further information, please contact:
Jonathan Harris
Tel:       01792 818177

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